Western District Health Service

Western District Health Service provides acute services, high and low level extended care, residential aged care, independent living units, youth services, community and allied health services.

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Western District Health Service Hospitals

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Coleraine Hospital

115-119 McKebery Street, COLERAINE, VIC 3315

Coleraine District Health Services is a campus of Western District Health Service. The service provides a range of services including residential aged care, allied health, home and community care services, and community health services.

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Hamilton Hospital

20 Foster Street, HAMILTON, VIC 3300

The Hamilton Base Hospital campus of Western District Health Service provides a comprehensive range of medical and surgical, emergency, sub acute, intensive care, maternity services, residential aged care and community care.  General and emergency dental services are provided for eligible clients at community dental...

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Penshurst Hospital

146 Cobb Street, PENSHURST, VIC 3289

The Penshurst & District Health Service campus of Western District Health Service provides acute care, residential aged care and a range of allied health, nursing and community services.

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