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Frequently Asked Questions - Quality, Safety and Patient Experience

Show / Hide Where can I get more information about quality and safety?

The department conducts a number of programs aimed at improving the quality of health care in Victoria. Further details are available here.

Show / Hide What is the Victorian Patient Satisfaction Monitor (VPSM) and Overall Care Index (OCI)?

The Victorian Patient Satisfaction Monitor (VPSM) provides feedback on the quality of a public hospital experience from the adult inpatient perspective. The results from the survey provide government and hospital management with important information as to where quality improvement activities should be directed for greatest effect.

A series of 25 grouped questions is used to derive the six subindices of care, which are: access and admission, general patient information, treatment and related information, complaints management, physical environment, discharge and follow-up. 

The individual items are scored on a five-part Likert scale. For each campus, the combined results are presented as a score between 20 and 100 and is referred to as the Overall Care Index (OCI). The OCI acts as the global indicator for patients’ hospital experiences.

Show / Hide What is the Consumer Participation Index?

The Consumer Participation Index (CPI) is a category of the Victorian Patient Satisfaction Monitor (VPSM) and reports consumer involvement in decision making about their treatment, care and wellbeing, and is aligned with the government’s priority of improving every Victorian’s health status and health experiences.

Health services are required to demonstrate a commitment to consumer, carer and community participation appropriate to its diverse communities. This includes visible leadership, policies, processes and concrete capacity building to enable participation to occur effectively and meaningfully.